Urban Labs Inclusive Economy Lab

The Inclusive Economy Lab partners with policymakers, community-based organizations and others to generate rigorous evidence that leads to greater economic opportunity for communities harmed by disinvestment and segregation.

Real Economic Opportunity for All Communities

Cities like Chicago fuel remarkable opportunity. At the same time, decades of disinvestment and discrimination create real barriers for young people growing up in many of our neighborhoods. Many in government and the nonprofit sector are working to tackle these challenges. The Inclusive Economy Lab works with these partners to identify barriers to social mobility and racial equity, and to develop effective strategies for removing these barriers. Our work cuts across traditional policy domains, including education, workforce development, housing and cash assistance programs.

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Our Values
Conduct science in service of cities: We feel a sense of urgency to do research that improves people’s lives. We select projects that lead to solutions for policy, practice, and increased investments on the ground.  Our research is rigorous and informed by the historic contexts that shape life in American cities.
Foster lasting relationships: We collaborate with policymakers, practitioners, and people with lived experience to understand their perspectives and figure out what works.
Elevate equity & inclusion: We hire people with a range of personal and professional backgrounds, skillsets, and identities. We expand access to evaluation for a broad range of organizations, and we conduct work that affirms the dignity of all people.
Check our privilege: We recognize the power and privilege we have as researchers at the University of Chicago. We practice humility, recognize that expertise comes in many forms, and know that there are limits to our own.
Embrace a growth mindset: We invest in our people and develop our skills and content knowledge together. We work respectfully as a team to achieve our shared goals.

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Our People

Inclusive Economy Lab staff partner with civic and community leaders to generate evidence on what works to create pathways to sustained economic opportunity.

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