Urban Labs Inclusive Economy Lab

The Inclusive Economy Lab partners with policymakers, community-based organizations and others to generate rigorous evidence that leads to greater economic opportunity for communities harmed by disinvestment and segregation.

Real Economic Opportunity for All Communities

For generations, government policies and institutional choices have excluded many Americans—and especially the Black and Latinx communities—from opportunities for education, employment, and wealth creation. Ending intergenerational poverty and building an inclusive economy—one that provides real economic opportunities for all communities—requires collaboration across sectors, as well as scientific evidence about what works and what doesn’t. Traditional research can take years, and the results often don’t reach those who need the information most—the people living with and working on these issues.

The University of Chicago Inclusive Economy Lab solves this by working with policymakers, organizations, and communities to identify their most urgent and pressing challenges, co-generate evidence about what works, and translate that evidence into real policy changes that expand economic opportunity and improve lives.

Projects and Publications

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Our People

Inclusive Economy Lab staff partner with civic and community leaders to generate evidence on what works to create pathways to sustained economic opportunity.

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