The impact we hope to have through our work requires multiple system actors to change what they are doing, making effective dissemination critical to delivering on the Inclusive Economy Lab’s mission.

In addition to releasing traditional scholarly papers, we translate the lessons learned from our work for a wide array of audiences, including advocates, community residents, and elected officials.

The following principles guide our dissemination practices:

  • The Inclusive Economy Lab is committed to sharing the results of our research projects publicly, no matter what we learn. As part of our organizational commitment to transparency, we pre-register all of the large-scale randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that we conduct.

  • Before we release any research results, each data partner, pursuant to their data sharing agreement with us, has the opportunity to review and provide comment on our work to strengthen the applicability of findings. This review does not alter the results of our research, but rather, provides us with helpful contextual background to make sense of the findings. 

  • When we create reports summarizing our research results, we make extensive efforts to prevent the potential re-identification of any participant by:
    • Only including summary data, never individually identifiable data
    • Suppressing the values of any cell sizes represented by fewer than 10 respondents 

  • Once research results are released, we make efforts to make these findings available to the general public through press releases, summary reports, podcasts, conferences, events, and more. We make a commitment to share the key findings of our research back with members of the community affected by the research, including program stakeholders, leadership, and local policymakers.

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