Inclusive Economy Lab Chicago Housing Stability Study

Public health measures instituted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in unprecedented increases in unemployment in 2020. This mass unemployment left many already rent-burdened Chicagoans unable to pay for housing. The Inclusive Economy Lab is currently partnering with the Chicago Department of Housing, Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, and The Resurrection Project to better understand the impact of rental and cash assistance programs aimed at averting a housing crisis. Because some grant programs were administered via an open lottery and as well as through delegate non-profit agencies, the launch of these programs offers an opportunity to learn about the impact of the grants, as well as about how different communities in Chicago access resources. Additionally, the Lab has launched a quarterly survey of applicants to these programs to better understand how the pandemic is affecting Chicagoans experiencing housing instability.

In their own words: Read qualitative findings from a December 2020 CHSS survey.

Chicago Housing Stability Study - Findings from Qualitative Analysis