Crime Lab Editorial: A high-tech ray of hope in the fight against gun violence in Englewood

Chicago Tribune / December 15, 2017

Over one mid-October weekend, 22 people were shot in Chicago. Nine died, including a teacher hit by a stray bullet on the Far North Side and two teens ambushed in a vehicle in Gresham.

This was Chicago living up to its reputation as city of mayhem and bloodshed.

Englewood, meanwhile, was quiet. For more than a week in October, Chicago police recorded no shootings in one of the city’s highest-crime districts. The lull was noticeable enough for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to mention because it reflected an intriguing pattern that’s held all year: Shootings and homicides in the Englewood area, the South Side’s 7th district, are down about 45 percent.

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15 December 2017