Crime Lab Violence Reduction Dashboard

In May of 2021, the City of Chicago launched its first ever Violence Reduction Dashboard to support violence reduction efforts across the city. Crime Lab data scientists and analysts helped design and develop the tool, incorporating input from dozens of community-level street outreach organizations, victim services providers, advocates, and representatives of City departments. The dashboard will be managed by the Mayor's Office and includes near-real-time data and visualizations of gun violence trends for the first time ever. The tool includes data on domestic and gun violence victimization and the City's response to violence, allowing stakeholders to identify resource needs and effectively deploy support services to help address the widening disparities in public safety across Chicago's neighborhoods. In addition to the dashboard, the underlying data will be available through the City's Open Data Portal providing open and transparent access to all users.

Featuring near-real-time crime victimization and mapping data that will be updated daily, the Violence Reduction Dashboard will be particularly important to helping street outreach organizations, service providers, and city agencies more effectively identify violence reduction strategies, prioritize resource allocation, and coordinate their work as they focus on addressing last year's increase in gun violence. In addition to informing targeted strategies to reduce violence in the short term, the Dashboard will also help identify where more significant investments may be necessary to address the root causes of violence over the longer term.

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