Crime Lab Crime Lab: Science in Service of Cities

The University of Chicago Crime Lab partners with policymakers and practitioners to help cities design and test the most promising ways to reduce crime and improve human lives at scale. We focus on the most important criminal justice challenges of our time, including efforts to help Chicago and other cities prevent crime and violence from happening in the first place, improve schooling and income opportunities for those living in communities most impacted by violence, and reduce the harms associated with the administration of criminal justice itself.

Our work in Chicago and elsewhere feels more urgent now than ever. We cannot do this work without support from individuals like you. To support our work please click here.

We are proud to partner with nonprofit organiztions and government agencies across the city, working together to co-produce evidence to guide policy and practice to reduce violence and improve outcomes for Chicagoans. Our partners include, among others:

Here are just some of the promising interventions we work on at Crime Lab: