Education Lab Check and Connect

Children cannot get the most out of their education if they do not regularly attend school. Students with high rates of absenteeism are more likely to experience a host of negative schooling and life outcomes, including failing more classes, dropping out of high school, and becoming involved with the juvenile justice system. While students who miss a large number of days are at higher risk, missing even a small amount of school is associated with negative outcomes.

Research in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has shown that students who missed just one week of school in ninth grade had lower graduation rates than students who missed less than one week. The Education Lab, in partnership with CPS, is studying a program designed to reduce absenteeism.

Check & Connect monitors work with schools and families to carefully monitor student attendance and academic performance and provide support services to children and their parents. The Education Lab evaluation has the potential to inform efforts to reduce absenteeism in CPS and in districts across the country.