Crime Lab What We Can Do About Crime in Chicago

Chicago Magazine / March 12, 2018
By Christian Belanger

This past Friday at the Union League Club, the Northwestern Institute for Policy Research hosted “Crime in Chicago: What does the Research Tell Us?”, featuring three Northwestern professors: political scientist Wesley Skogan, sociologist Andrew Papachristos, and economist Jonathan Guryan. The ensuing audience discussion was moderated by Mary Pattillo, a sociologist at Northwestern best known for her 2007 book Black on the Block.

In her introductory remarks, Pattillo aimed to surmount standard media narratives surrounding violent crime in the city. “We hope to break beyond the news, and instead focus on the research,” she said. “And more than just talk, we hope that many of you all who have the power to act will hear this evidence and have it inform the kinds of work that you do that really impact the outcomes that we are studying.”

Here’s what the research shows.

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12 March 2018